A Fortune 500 cashes in on high quality.

Sometimes, higher quality is cheaper in the long run. That’s what a Fortune 500 company learned from SiteRank. When looking at its traffic for the first half of December, it saw that sites ranked 8th had quite good CTR for such high-quality inventory. What’s more, they were generating a significantly large volume of clicks relative to other groups, a clear indication that lower-quality site groups were lagging and more costly. Thanks to SiteRank, this Fortune 500 company knew that it should reallocate its spend in favour of sites with a quality rank of 8.

A telecom company optimizes outcomes.

For a 17-day period  in December, a telecom company was comparing its two top performing site groups, those ranking 5th and 6th in quality. In terms of clicks, the two were virtually at parity, but there was a big difference when it came to conversions. Sites ranked 6th converted an extra 344 times for around the same amount of clicks, tallying 1,518 conversions versus 1,174 for sites ranked 5th. Clearly, reallocating budget to sites with a quality rank of 6 would optimize conversions. Because of SiteRank segmenting, this telecom company was able to make a better call on its spend.

A tourism player doubles results by avoiding bad inventory.

A tourism advertiser was assessing the November performance of its two top media spends: sites ranked 5th versus a group of sites with an unknown quality rank. The group ranked 5th generated 147 clicks and a 0.053% CTR for $474, while the group with an unknown rank yielded 200 clicks and a 0.017% CTR on $1,281. In other words, one could get roughly twice the results by excluding sites with unknown quality and allocating budget to sites ranked 5th. With SiteRank, this tourism advertiser was able to bid goodbye to sites with potentially undesirable quality and head for the sunnier skies of better performance and reduced costs.

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