Mobile Retargeting

Viewability for Targeting & Reporting


Campaign Optimization

Conversions, brand awareness, clicks, cpm margin ... AdGear got a toolkit of goal driven algorithms to reach your campaign objectives.

Your Data Driving the Results


Your past campaign data can be used to train optimization algorithms. Shape optimization based on your unique situation.

Fully Automated Campaign Optimization


Algorithms that are constantly learning and improving based on historical and real - time performance data

Proven Performance


To the left you can see some of the proven optimization examples - CPA, CPC, CPM

CRM and Email Retargeting: enrich your campaign targeting by leveraging your local CRM driven audience data.

And Much More: GEO based targeting, mobile targeting, hyper local, IP targeting, DMA, Hardware and System, proprietary targeting indexes...

Real Time Reporting: inspect and monitor your campaigns performance in real time.  Drill down from bird eye account view to individual campaign and tag based levels.

Report Delivery Automation with Extract: select, extract, and schedule for delivery custom reports with campaign performance data.


Change | Optimization Tracking

Demand-Side Platform, Efficient Campaign Changes to Result Tracking System

Once a campaign is set-up there are dozens of options and settings that can be tweaked for optimization purposes. Tracking  all of the changes and most importantly identifying which once had the most significant impact on  campaign performance can be a challenge.

Never Loose Track of Any Changes


One screen displaying all of the campaign options that have been activated, changed or removed. Modify any of the targeting parameters or other settings from the same screen.

Identify Optimization Changes that Lead to Success


Identify and track all of the changes that have occurred to the campaign set-up options - no matter how recent or old they are. Obtain complete visibility and align your findings with module visual capabilities.

Easy, Bookmarked Access to All of Campaign Changes


Track any of campaign changes with active bookmarks with the history chart. Change impressions to clicks, or conversions, or any other metric within AdGear trader to obtain a deeper understanding of performance changes.

Advertiser Portals - Easy, White-Label & Visual Way to Share Performance With Your Clients


Real-Time Performance Transparency


Set up individual reporting portals on a per client basis. As well as share custom reporting portal access with multiple stakeholders from clients team.  Final result - a personalized reporting centers available to your clients 24/7.

White - Label & Personalized  Reporting


Modify reporting portals in such way that they have your name and information. Even domain name can be completely custom or one can use * as a ready to use extension.

Rich Visualization and Analysis Features


All of performance grids with almost real-time data will be available, but what's also great is that we've kept all of the visual features charts, scatter plots, performance heatmaps and more... see the screenshots beside.

Mobile Retargeting in AdGear Trader DSP

Mobile retargeting have never been easier - simply upload your mobile ID or IDFA lists, create a custom segment and launch your campaign.


Track your mobile retargeting campaign live, analyze performance with state of the art analytics and share your performance via automated reports or custom made advertiser portals.

Custom Segments - Based on Mobile ID or IDFA list

Upload your mobile ID lists into AdGear Trader demand-side platform and create custom segments.

Match and Retarget

Platform will compare your lists to the available inventory and bid on mobile traffic only if there is a match.

Analyze, Report & Share Results

- Track your mobile retargeting campaigns live

- Conduct in-depth analysis with our reporting module

- Optimize based on new insights

- Share campaign performance  via custom, white-label, customer scoped Advertiser Portals

Viewability - Targeting and Reporting

AdGear Trader has multiple viewability tools integrated into campaign targeting capabilities and reporting modules.


Enable viewable ad impression tracking on a granular ad level. Once active, AdGear deliver reports module will have an additional viewability section available for selection. This section will display trackable and viewable impression on any desired level - advertiser, campaign, ad group, and ad.

Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Activate additional level of targeting now that IAS is integrated into AdGear Trader campaign targeting. Use brand safety attributes, viewability attributes, TRAQ index, suspicious activity filter, and contextual targeting to strengthen your inventory targeting.


Quality attributes, visibility index targeting, safety and language attributes are among some of the SIZMEK tools available through AdGear Trader campaign setup interface.

Viewable and Trackable Impressions shown in AdGear Trader | demand-side platform

Real-Time Reporting

Goal Driven Campaign Optimization

White-Label Demand-Side Platform

Cross - Channel Inventory

AdGear Trader Demand-Side Platform - Detailed Features





Through our unique integration and partnership with Datacratic, we offer world-class machine-learning optimization functionality directly in the AdGear Trader platform.


Leverage the best optimization technology to execute precise media buys based on CPC, CPA or CPM (distribution) objectives. View Optimization Success Stories Infograph for some visual examples.

Target sites based on AdGear's proprietary quality ranking system. Our algorithms continuously rank sites available through ad exchanges, allowing to weed out low quality sites and networks, and enabling an additional layer of data when it comes to campaign optimization.

AdGear provides complete transparency in reporting when it comes to third party fees, clearing prices and all other price-related data in flights.


As a pure-play technology provider, we make available all pricing data and do not hide any fees.


AdGear offers extensive reporting functionality, bridging ad delivery, conversion attribution, viewability, system and channel metrics under one roof.


Full integration with the AdGear Advertiser ad server further allows to properly optimize media buys based on cross-channel attribution reporting.






Managing pools of audience segments is easy and straightforward in AdGear Trader. Integration with third-party data sources is also possible, allowing marketers to enrich audience segments with anonymous CRM data.


This feature allows to target sets of customers based on precisely defined sales history. Learn More...


The platform offers multiple levels of brand safety protection, using proprietary and third party data to filter out questionable inventory.


Using a combination of page-level contextual data, proprietary quality score data and ad serving data, we can effectively exclude unwanted inventory from the buys.


MRC-certified ad viewability metrics are available.


Our viewability integration allows us to be able to uniquely measure whether an ad impression can be seen by a user across all major desktop browsers, without exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities or violating user privacy.


For ad networks and agencies AdGear provides the right set of features that helps manage service fees related to running campaigns.


Whether it's top-line media margins or fixed-price margins tied to media currency, the platform allows to manage budgets and fees automatically.


Site Rank Targeting


White Label Reporting

Goal Driven Optimization

CRM Retargeting

Margin Management

Viewabiliy  Targeting



Audience Data

Segment Targeting

Mobile Retargeting

Easy and Intuitive

Tag  Management

Brand Safety

Semantic Targeting

Omni-Channel Targeting