• Question - When was Samsung Ads founded?
    Answer :

    In 2015, Samsung Ads began as the monetization arm of Samsung Electronics – watch the video to see how we’ve grown!


  • Question -  What are Samsung Ads’s values?
    Answer :

    One team. Endless possibilities.
    We foster a culture of teamwork and ideation. We embrace challenges through a creative and innovative approach.

    When our customers win, we win
    The best measurement of success is through our clients’ achievements. We understand that trust and communication are essential, so we work hard to earn our customers’ loyalty and partnership, every day.  We put our customers first.

    Our differences make the difference
    We are part of a collaborative team that values different opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Diversity is the key driver to teamwork. We welcome unique perspectives and solutions that represent the differences and backgrounds that each of us bring to Samsung Ads.

    There’s a leader in all of us
    Our team promotes autonomy, ownership, and accountability. Everyone is a leader at Samsung Ads, taking initiative with confidence.

    Driven to go beyond the expected
    We are a world class organization and brand. Through exceptional drive and commitment, we deliver the highest quality in everything we do. We go beyond the status quo.

    Authentic to our core
    We conduct ourselves with mutual respect, authenticity, and empathy. We act with thoughtful intention to make the right decisions and inspire humanity.

    Hard work isn’t hard when you love it
    We are dynamic individuals who care about results. We fuel our passion by celebrating hard work and recognizing achievements. We love what we do.

  • Question - How does Samsung Ads highlight diversity in the workplace? 
    Answer :

    In May 2020, Samsung Ads launched Women+ (pronounced Women Plus), which has since become a Samsung ERG. This name represents how we are women, plus so much more – a leader, a mother, a partner, an advocate, an enthusiast. The purpose of Women+ is to further develop the women of Samsung Ads through mentorship, recognition, sharing of personal journeys as well as lessons learned that can provide tangible benefits and empowerment – for our lives and our careers. Learn more about Samsung’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives here.

  • Question - What is Samsung Ad’s work model? 
    Answer :

     We’ve announced that we will be working in a hybrid model once we can officially return to the office. In the meantime, all of our employees are working remotely from home.